15 Designer Approved Pumpkins

16 Designer Approved Pumpkins

The idea of the Jack o'lantern started centuries ago as a tribute to an Irish myth about a man nicknamed Stingy Jack. Turnips, beets or potatoes were carved out and a chunk of coal inserted and lit then placed in the window to ward off his evil spirits. Yep! Turnips, beets and potatoes. Imagine the mess a beet would make! When the Irish came to North America they found pumpkins to be more ideal for Jack o'lanterns. Now here we are in 2018 and we're crazy for painted and adorned pumpkins. We've picked for you, 15 really great designs that will inspire your family's Jack o'lantern this year.


Totally 80s Pumpkins Supplies: Pumpkins, Paint, Brushes, Rub and Buff, Tape

These bold bright beauties combined with black and white geometric designs are just marvellous. Note those gold stems!

Modern Painted Pumpkins Supplies: Pumpkins, Paint, Stencils or Stickers Make a minimal yet bold statement with these black and white pumpkins.

Studded Chalk-Paint Pumpkins Supplies: Pumpkins, Chalk Paint, Rub and Buff, Crafting Accessories, Hot Glue, Wire Accent (Optional)

If your style is a little more edgy, these studded pumpkins with vine accent are fantastic.

Marbled Indigo Pumpkin

Supplies: White Pumpkins, Blue Nail Polish, Water The polish and water effect on these pumpkins is oh so stunning.

Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

Supplies: Pumpkin, Acrylic Paint, Fresh Flowers A perfect combination of dark and scary and bright and feminine. A really great choice for those of you who are not so much into spooky.

Designer Pumpkin with Geometric Pattern Supplies: White Pumpkin, Washi Tape, Scissors For the more patient and skilled halloween lover, this design is commanding and really beautiful.

Hand Painted Floral Pumpkin Supplies: Pumpkin, Paint, Paint Brushes Big bold flowers on a dark blue background are far from traditional but they are perfect on this beauty.

Modern Metallic Pumpkins

Supplies: Pumpkins, Metallic Paint

Create a one of a kind Jack o'lantern with this cascading paint technique. These look so fun to make.

Headphone Wearing Pumpkin Supplies: Pumpkin, Knife, Headphones How fun is this guy.. a traditional Jack o'lantern with a twist. Doesn't he put a smile on your face?

Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Supplies: Faux Pumpkin, Washi Tape, Scissors Looking for an elegant yet festive design? The difficulty level here is easy enough and the design provides a touch of Halloween without being too much.

Art Actually Pumpkins

Supplies: Pumpkins, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes We love this mix of Jack o'lantern designs from bold patterns to simple one word messages.

Optical Illusion Pumpkin

Supplies: Pumpkin, Paint, Tape, Foam Pouncers If mystic and optical illusions are your thing, this design makes a big impact.

Modern Pink + White Pumpkin

Supplies: White Pumpkin, Fresh Flowers

Wouldn't this be gorgeous as your fall centrepiece?

Pun-kins! Supplies: Pumpkin, Acrylic Paint, Letter Stickers Don't these remind you of SweetTarts? It's those pretty pastels and one-liners. Too cute.

Sophisticated + Spooky

Supplies: White Pumpkin, Black Card Stock, Scissors, Glue

The black and white colour combo brings sophistication to a spooky design.

These should give you the inspiration to come up with your own unique Jack o'lantern.

Share yours with us.



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