Avant-Garde Christmas Trees for 2018!

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Bored of the traditional tree?

Want something different this year?

The tree is central to any holiday decor, and we have lined up some inspirational ideas for you that will turn the Christmas tree on its head! Whether it be DIY, crafty, space-saving, contemporary or post-modernist, they’re all big on imagination!


Space crunch? Not a problem! Here are four crafty DIY options perfect for tight spaces.

How adorable is this colourful and playful tree using wooden dowels, string and colourful balls.

This hanging tree by Almost Makes Perfect offers the aroma of a real tree without taking up valuable space. Simple in design but huge on impressions.

Next up a DIY tree made with yarn! This adaptation of string art will give you a unique tree and double as 3-D art.

This next tree is very simple but still beautiful. Simply draw on the outline of a tree and adorn with garland, lights or whatever you wish.


Are you a collector? Books? Photos? Trinkets? Stack them up to create your own take on "the tree".

It doesn't get a whole lot simpler than this one. Print a large format photo of a tree and cut it into a grid pattern as shown and attach to your wall. Add a string of twinkling lights as a finishing touch.

Have an extensive hardcover book collection? Stack them up and add a few balls and a star and, là voilà!

This fun design uses a stack of monochromatic green items such as books, tool boxes, cutting boards and trays. They've simply set the stack adjacent to a floor mirror create a full alternative tree.

Hanging shelves turned tree? Yep. This crafter used Ikea's floating shelves and command hooks to create this temporary grouping. Add your favourite ornaments and a string of lights and you're done!


Minimalism more your thing? A few outside the box options for your holiday season.

A wooden a-frame with ceiling hook holding a grouping of balls hung from fishing line is all it takes for this perfect minimal statement tree.

Leave it to Martha! A tree mobile tree created with metallic foil circles of various sizes swings and glimmers in the light. Visit this link for instructions on how to make your own.

Here's another wooden a-frame option but on a larger scale. It's simple yet chic and sure to make an impression. Dress it up with lights and ornaments if you wish or leave it bare for a more minimal look.

This crafter created a wooden frame and strung 10 lines from one side to the other at equal intervals then hung ornaments on the lines. Adorable, simple, fun and homespun.


If standing out on your block is more your style, light it up with these avant-garde trees.