Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2017, 5,000 Canadian women died from breast cancer, and on average, 72 Canadian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day.

So many of us have family or close friends who have been affected by breast cancer.

In researching for this post, we were encouraged in learning that the breast cancer death rate has been declining since the mid-1980s. From the same source, we learned that this decline is likely the result of screening and improvements in treatment for breast cancer. We'll take it! Whatever bit of encouragement and hope we can get, we'll take


This month, as we wear pink ribbons to raise awareness of breast cancer, we thought to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness by curating some decor elements that remind us breast Health, as a way to pay our respects to all the strong women (and men) who have been affected by the disease.

1. The Boob Hook - $60. This pair of hardware makes a whimsical statement about a serious topic.

2. Female Nude Minimalist Art - $9. BlekPrints brings us this minimalist line drawing art piece highlighting the female body.

3. Georgie Cookie Jar - $225. Inspired by American artist Georgia O'Keeffe, wife and muse to Alfred Stieglitz.

4. Binic Table Lamp Pink - $227. This little table lamp stands tall in true 'pink' form.

5. After Modigliani - $3,400. Here's a statement piece by Hock Tee Tan measuring 80 x 110cm.

6. Boobie Planters - $65. How cute are these adorable little pots. Use them for plants, keys or change.

7. Hanging Boob Air Plant Holder - $45. Now we've officially thought of everything!

8. Hagby Diamond Earth de Henzel Studio - Perhaps you're looking for something a little less bold still breast cancer-esque?

9. Bonways Handmade Giant Chunky Throw - $69. We're in love with this throw. And, we get to use it here because it's pink. 10. Neon Message Light - $603. Be bold and beautiful with this daring pink f*ck sign.

11. Pink flowers. For the dainty at heart, we've pulled this gorgeous pink bouquet.

12. Hint of Pink 884. A mood board isn't complete without a colour swatch. Benjamin Moore brings us this one full of female inspiration.

Read more about breast cancer at Canadian Cancer Society.


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