As spring has finally sprung, and summer is around the corner, we have put together some of our favourite outdoor looks to help inspire you and help with your outdoor spring cleaning!  Whether you love the clean lines of minimalism, the timeless elegance of modernism, or if you are free spirited and love eclectic spaces, we are here to help!


MINIMALISM is a walk through a well curated contemporary gallery, where clean details create the perfect backdrop for those architectural and sculptural pieces that will define your space. Stark white walls, fresh concrete flooring, clean sharp lines of a swimming pool, are some ways to create that backdrop we speak of.

Now let’s furnish. Since seating and dining sets are the largest pieces in your space treat them as if they were art. Whether they be oversized (image 3), bold forms (image 1 and 2) or unique configurations (image 4), showcase them, let them be the center focus. 

Since minimalism is just that, minimal, the idea is to keep the space sparse, therefore every accessory added should further that experience through the gallery. 

A touch of colour is always welcome when creating a clean uncluttered space. Pops of green against the stark white backdrop like the plants and planters in image 5 and 6 echo contemporary art…and then there's the added sculptural element of the chiselled human heads turned planters (image 5).

A fire-pit? Why not one that uses raw steel in an ultra-sleek form. Bent metal acts more like sculpture than a fire-pit in image 7. 

As a finishing touch, we suggest adding lighting, to help give the space more dimension. But, we are sure you have caught on by now, those too can be sculptural!… A series of globe lighting, for instance, creates an additional focal point, another “exhibit” along the walk through this contemporary outdoor gallery.

And there you have your minimal, gallery outdoor space, certain to get people talking!

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MODERNISM evokes the mid-century with its use of warmer metals and woods in combination with materials such as concrete to bring together a polished sophistication that is timeless. Wood flooring, fresh concrete, dark stone walls, set the tone for this style.

To furnish this aesthetic you would need to look at seating that ties together those darker greys, woods and metals; (done perfectly in image 2). Dining is the same, a marriage of natural woods with metal frames and grey cushions. A theme that will be recurring in this style oasis. 

Much like minimalism, accessorizing your modern outdoors uses sculptural forms however in this case made of more natural finishes. Marbles accents tables (image 9), a modern take on your swing seating (image 5), linear square planters (image 7), unless you are bold enough for a gold peacock planter! (image 6). 

Pops of green also make a comeback in this aesthetic however usually against a richer, darker, background of stone or wood unlike the stark white minimalist approach. That warmth is further brought to life with the use of a concrete fire-pit and lantern candles for added décor in the space. Tying it all together and creating that perfect, inviting, warm-yet-modern outdoor entertainment space!

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ECLECTIC done correctly allows your creativity to run wild, picks out those favourite elements and curates them into the perfect expression of yourself. It could combine trends, family heirlooms, travel mementoes, and convert them into punctuations of your personality and experiences throughout your space.

Whether you are putting moms old reupholstered couch or are out to buy a new sectional, this style is a lot more lenient with its rules. Mixing elements from different styles, eras, and regions (Image 1). Softer lines and bolder prints and textures are all allowed. The sofa set in image 3 has a more rustic charm that then the previous examples we have seen, creating that balance between country and contemporary. Have an old dining table you aren’t using anymore? Or found a custom made one in a yard sale?... mix it up with some bold chairs (paint them a fun colour if they need refurbishing) to create that artistic dining set (image 2). A conversation starter for sure! -Note: your chairs don’t even all have to be the same style- painting them all the same colour will create the cohesion you need while allowing each guest to be seated on their own unique chair. 

Accessorizing eclectic spaces is not for the faint of heart as patterns, textures and colours combine to create the perfect concoction.  Cushions are important in this style, there’s no such thing as too many! Mix and max as many patterns as your heart desires and there is no limitations on colours, you can go crazy! Floor cushions, vintage rugs, throw pillows…It’s all about creating warmth with textiles as seen in images 4,5, 7) Additionally items such as a hammock (image 9), hanging metallic flower pot (image 6), a gold free-form coffee table (image 5) or a fire-pit with fairy lights (image 8) all add to the world traveller’s dreamy oasis. 

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Your outdoors is an extension of your indoors but more importantly, it’s a reflection of your personal aesthetics… Design doesn’t have to end at the patio door, find your inspiration and allow your outdoors to be a personal expression of your style and experiences. 

Share your outdoor makeover stories with us!  

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