Drake + Khan's Favourite Fall Interior Design Trends!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

We're super excited to bring you this post presenting our favourite timeless fall interior design trends. We present you with inspiration and our own corresponding real-world designs. We hope you enjoy reading through the post as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

1 - Modern Neutrals There's a real softness and warmth about this design aesthetic. Clean lines and a monochromatic colour scheme with the infusion of natural materials makes this a go to style for us. Just beautiful.

In our first image, we present Asal Khan's inspiration and our real-world design is shown in the second image. Click here to see more of our Garfield project.

Stéphanie's inspiration is seen here in the first image. The beautiful soft tones complemented by the dark contrasting colours delight the senses without overpowering in Drake+Khan's Monocle Penthouse design, shown in the second image.


2 - Bringing Black Back (to the kitchen)

The classic whites and greys are being ousted by sexy black kitchens... Black is back! Dramatic marbles, flat or textured dark cabinetry, matte black sinks and fixtures all add a contemporary sleekness to any space. If your heart is set on white cabinets, these black beauties could change your minds.

Asal shares the first image as an inspiration for a bold black kitchen. The next two images are behind-the-scenes shots of their upcoming contemporary Markham St. row house project. Stay tuned for images from the completed product!

Stéphanie's inspiration pictured in the first image evokes a sleek black design with subtle textured patterns in the marble and cabinetry. The second image is from the duo who created a modern design with sleek cabinetry void of any extras, including hardware, allowing the timeless design to shine all on its own in one of Drake Khan's Monocle Suites.

3 - Marble Makes A Comeback

Marble has had a huge comeback over the past few years, Regardless of the aesthetic of your space there is a marble right for you!

Asal's design inspiration is shown here in the first image. The second is the team's real-world project powder-room. Stunning! Click here to see more of our Garfield project. These strong marble sinks become the show stoppers in any space. (Marble sourced from CIOT )

Now, onto Stéphanie's interpretation shown in the first image. The second shows the marble's comeback in this classy and glamorous bath featuring a freestanding tub in the design duo's Monocle project Penthouse suite. It is sophisticated and sleek in design and creates a spa-like ambiance. It's perfect.


4 - Geometric Patterns

The geometric pattern is as old as time. Yet, it is always trendy as you can use it in any application adding dimension and drama to your space.

Wow! The bold patterns in Asal's inspiration featured in the first image command attention and challenge your senses with stunning contrast. The second shows how Drake+Khan design team applied a similar design concept in their beautifully executed Fairlawn project's custom designed screen wall pictured on the right.

Stéphanie's pick shown in the first image showcases a bold geometric pattern in a space with otherwise sparse elements to allow the bold patterns to take centre stage. The following two images comes to you from the Romano's Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar project design by Drake+Khan. The natural wood and the bold geometric pattern ceramic tiles by Mutina share the stage perfectly in this modern yet warm public washroom.


Do you have a favourite? Do you have similar styles you've used in your space? Share them with us and we will post our favourite on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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