From The Runway To Your Home

With New York Fashion week (September 6 to 14, 2018) behind us and Paris Fashion Week in full swing (September 26 to October 3, 2018), we felt it timely to share with you all about the correlation between fashion and interior design. It’s no big revelation that there is a parallel between fashion design and interior design. Fashion icon, Iris Apfel is famously quoted as saying, “Fashion and interior design are one in the same.” Designers may have long felt this way but consumerism is just catching on.

We’re seeing a progression away from the days when fashion design was the leading force in influencing trends in interior design. Not too long ago it would typically take 6 to 12 months for the influence of the runway hit our interior design and housewares department. That was fine for us as we tired of our clothing far quicker than we did our interiors. And, the level of investment in our home furnishings was much greater than our clothing. Today however, some would say that each changes as frequently as the other. We are witnessing a melding of the two among consumerism. Signs of this meld may be found in Italian luxury designer, Gucci’s work. Further examples may be found here.

Even more interesting is the collaboration between luxury interior and fashion designers to create works that are infused with gorgeous styles for both genres.

Some attribute technology as the driving force for the synching of design across both platforms. Whatever the cause, it’s clear that fashion designers are collaborating with interior designers and fashion designers are also now producing product for our interiors. Interior designers and architects are also branching out into capsule collections as evidenced here.

Let’s take a look at seasonal mood boards created by yours truly, Drake + Khan Design, to give you a more thorough understanding of what we mean. From the spring runway...

Muted colours, golds and floral patterns ruled the spring runway. These influences translate beautifully into luxurious interiors. There is a real softness and naturalness to these designs. Take a closer look at how interiors could be influenced by the spring runway.

1. Mid-Century Lounge Chair by House of Funk / 2. Malachite Wall Art - Viridian at Wisteria / 3. Scatter Light Pink Rug by CB2 | / 4. Horizon OC-53 by Benjamin Moore / 5. Telford Mirror by Maisons de Monde / 6. Sowilo Coffee Table by Nella Vetrina / 7. Tom Ford book at Indigo

The summer runway brought bright palettes with patterns as bold as their colours. Florals rule.

Take a look at our summer mood board inspired by the above. This season’s runway clearly continues to command attention with its audacious colours and floral prints. There’s even a hint of a throwback to the 80’s in both the runway and the home designs.

1. Isom Oblong - blue by Neo/Craft at ArchiTonic / 2. Whats For Breakfast By Claire Desjardins at Anthropologie / 3. Paulistano - Missoni Limited Edition by Objekto / 4.

Luminator LED Fontana Arte Floor Lamp by Milia Shop / 5. Hermes Inspired "H" Stack of Decorative Books at The Well Appointed House / 6. Hidden Sapphire CSP-690 by Benjamin Moore / 7. Claremont Pouf by Missoni Home at Perigold / 8. Renata Round Suspension by Lightology

Looking ahead to cooler weather where comfort and warmth are part of the design influence, here’s a beauty mood board we’ve created with inspiration from the fall runway.

There’s no denying the connection here. Take a look at the influences of mother nature here in the faux fur, tweed and colours. This model would nearly be camouflage in this space. The spillover from the runway into home design is so undeniably evident here. Even the chair legs are indicative somehow of a rack of antlers.

1. AC 214 Armchair by Angel Corso at Inspiration Now / 2. Brandolini Branch Chandelier by Allan Knight Lighting / 3. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore / 4. Drum Metal Coffee Table by Williams Sonoma / 5. Sofia Black Area Rug by Unique Loom at Home Depot / 6. Luxe Faux Fur Throw at Restoration Hardware / 7. Throw Cushions via Pinterest / 8. Bolo Side Table by DeMuro Das

Finally, into the winter season, we see further correlation with not just the colour scheme but also among the textures and patterns. Take a look at the runway mood board we put together for winter…

Those white and black stripes and bold design crossover into interiors without hesitation. Check out those bold black and stark white patterns!

1. Colors Collage by Michael Cutlip at Saatchi Art / 2. Super White PM-1 by Benjamin Moore / 3. Amethyst Geode Bookends by Deyi at Alibaba 4. Maxamilan Perpetual Faces Vase by Maxamilan / 5. Bohm Hand-Tufted Black Area Rug at Wayfair / 6. Philo Dual Color Chair by KMP / 7. Turner Round Coffee Table by Zillo & Hutch

Keep your eyes peeled for more crossover between fashion and interior design. It’s an exciting time to be witnessing this parallel and something tells me that we are only just scratching the surface.

Asal + Stéphanie