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Stéphanie Drake + Asal Khan

co-head Toronto’s versatile and vibrant full-service design firm,

Drake+Khan Design.


Drake + Khan Design is owned and directed by Stéphanie Drake and Asal Khan. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the business, they lead a team of 7 bright consultants who are experts in creating inspiring interiors that speak to refined style and sophistication.


"I believe that using the human spirit, as a starting point for architecture, design, and interiors is the most robust approach to designing a thriving environment."

Between growing up on construction sites with her father and remodelling Barbie’s dollhouse, one could say that Stéphanie was destined to become a designer.


Driven and passionate, she launched her first design company while in university and today, when she’s not designing; she’s studying the real estate market, obsessing over how to better conceptualize aesthetically pleasing, purposeful environments.


Her French upbringing in Montreal infuses her distinctive style, as does her worldly travels.


Stéphanie views space not just a place where we spend time, but rather where we share meaningful moments connecting, creating, learning, growing, crying, and celebrating. To her, a space that is well designed and purposeful enhances these special life moments.  



"I consider a designer not to be someone who instills their concepts but someone who inspires individuals to live their best lives and discover the potential of their space."

As an immigrant, born into a multi-ethnic family of architect parents, Asal was groomed from an early age to observe and experience her surroundings.


Her childhood was spent inhaling design, which gave her a unique appreciation for the creative process and the responses it evokes in users. Her move to Canada as a teenager developed in her the value of the respect and celebration of diversity.


Asal strives to identify how the dynamics of spaces may be used as a source of exchange, innovation and creativity and believes that design does not exist as an isolated element but rather as part of a complex interactive system; a component of not only our environment but the very fabric of day-to-day lives. 


Responsive design celebrating diversity and mindful of the demands it imposes on users is of special interest to her.


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