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As an award-winning, woman-powered, Interior Design Studio based in Toronto since 2014, we strive to transform and elevate residential and commercial spaces into inspirational, timeless, and functional environments.

Passionate about realizing our clients’ visions and dedicated to providing exceptional designs, we consider each project unique and therefore deserving of its distinct signature. Our exclusive approach combines our clients’ needs with thoughtful consideration for both inspiration and ideation; cultivating poignant, user-centric interiors that are timeless yet bold.

Driven by the desire to evoke an emotional journey through space for the user, our designs are the result of a marriage between inspiration and function. We believe that the sense of wonder instills purpose and splendour in the luxurious design experiences that define Drake + Khan Design.


Team Meeting


Defined by our core values Drake + Khan Design strives for distinct designs and unparalleled service.



We nurture the ability to allow the imagination to perceive the world in new ways.


We believe in empowering people to explore, to push the envelope, and to be inquisitive. 



We push past ordinary!




Our passion fuels our work and empowers our approach.





We create remarkable spaces and extraordinary relationships through honesty and dedication.


Meeting Room


"Where passion makes the impossible happen. A team that is creative, organized and has a flair for artistry, this dynamic duo will take the drab and turn everything they touch into a dream come true. A well-organized team and extremely creative. Whether you are starting from nothing or a complete renovation, regardless of residential or commercial, they are an absolute delight and a pleasure to work with. I have worked with this team on several projects for the last few years and have never been happier."                  -Christia Zachariou

"We have used Drake+Khan for both a home and office renovation. The team is very confident which was important for a couple that agonizes over shades of white. We were very happy with the design process where options were presented in a way that allowed us to visualize the concept within our home.  The home renovation was particularly stressful as we had a fixed window for the project to be completed while we were away. Drake+Khan’s proactive communication throughout the renovations was a breath of fresh air in an industry known for poor project management.  When we opened the door there were some lovely, unexpected personal touches, which made our home that much more welcoming upon our return."          -Jason  Steel

"We hired Stephanie and Asal from Drake and Khan Design to completely redesign our Italian Restaurant and give it a modern fresh look. From the design process to always having one or both ladies overseeing the construction, coordinating and dealing with contractors, attention to every detail, working overnight to minimize time, that we had to close down, enduring calls with last-minute changes, to getting down and dirty to get things accomplished the way they envisioned it, they handled everything promptly and with patience and professionalism once our job was completed we were so happy we started to discuss future work, that we eventually hired Stephanie and Asal to do once again, after using these lovely ladies on two projects I highly recommended their company you will not be disappointed."                                      -Lori Perciballi

“First, I would say that you were the right choice for what we were trying to achieve. You presented yourselves well and had a great deal of success with getting the people in the call centre excited about your ideas. You both look hip and fresh and that was what they were looking for. Your presentation was good and there were quite a few boxes to check off. What you came back with checked all the boxes.”                       -F. J. Lamb

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