Stéphanie Drake + Asal Khan

co-head Toronto’s versatile and vibrant full-service design firm,

Drake+Khan Design.


"I believe that using the human spirit, as a starting point for architecture, design, and interiors is the most robust approach to designing a thriving environment. Those that stand out in the industry put human interaction in the center of the design process."


Between growing up on construction sites with her father and remodeling Barbie’s dollhouse, one could say that Stéphanie was destined to become a designer. Driven and passionate, she launched her first design company while in university and today, when she’s not designing; she’s studying the real estate market, obsessing over how to better conceptualize aesthetically pleasing, purposeful environments. Her French upbringing in Montreal infuses her distinctive style, as does her worldly travels. Stéphanie views space not just a place where we spend time, but rather where we share meaningful moments connecting, creating, learning, growing, crying, and celebrating. To her, a space that is well designed and purposeful enhances these special life moments.  



"I consider a designer not to be someone who instills their concepts but someone who inspires individuals to live their best lives and discover the potential of their space."

As an immigrant, born into a multi-ethnic family of architect parents, Asal was groomed from an early age to observe and experience her surroundings. Her childhood was spent inhaling design, which gave her a unique appreciation for the creative process, sound design, and the responses it evokes in users. Her move to Canada as a teenager developed in her the value of respect for tolerance, and a celebration of diversity. Asal strives to identify how the dynamics of spaces may be used as a source of exchange, innovation and creativity. She believes that design does not exist as an isolated element; rather it is part of a complex interactive system, a coherent component of not only our environment but the very fabric of day-to-day lives. Responsible design that relates to and is sensitive to the demands it imposes is of special interest to her.


Defined by our core values Drake Khan Design strives for distinct designs and unparalleled service.



We nurture the ability to allow the imagination to perceive the world in new ways.




We believe in empowering people to explore, to push the envelope, and to be inquisitive. 





Our passion fuels our work and empowers our approach.




We create remarkable spaces and extraordinary relationships through honesty and dedication.



We push past ordinary. 


Michael Neuman

"Drake+Khan designed and managed the renovation of several outdated bathrooms in our home. My wife and I were extremely impressed with the design presentation and concepts provided. Drake + Khan was very hands-on and knowledgeable throughout the renovation, resulting in a fast and easy construction process we couldn't be happier with. We wouldn't undertake another project without them."

Lori Perciballi

"We hired Stephanie and Asal from Drake and Khan Design To completely redesign our Italian Restaurant and give it a modern fresh look From the design process, to always having one or both ladies overseeing the construction, coordinating and dealing with contractors, attention to every detail ,working overnight to minimize time, that we had to close down ,enduring calls with last minute changes ,to getting down and dirty to get things accomplished the way they envisioned it ,they handled everything promptly and with patience and professionalism once our job was completed we were so happy we started to discuss future work ,that we eventually hired Stephanie and Asal to do once again, after using these lovely ladies on two projects I highly recommended their company you will not be disappointed."

Jason  Steel

"We have used Drake+Khan for both a home and office renovation. The Drake+Khan team is very confidant which was important for a couple that agonizes over shades of white. We were very happy with the design process where options were presented in a way that allowed us to visualize the concept within our home.  The home renovation was particularly stressful as we had a fixed window for the project to be completed while we were away. Drake+Khan’s proactive communication throughout the renovations was a breath of fresh air in an industry known for poor project management.  When we opened the door there were some lovely, unexpected personal touches, which made our home that much more welcoming upon our return."

Christia Zachariou

"Where passion makes the impossible happen. A team that is creative, organized and have a flair for artistry, this dynamic duo will take the drab and turn everything they touch into a dream come true, all within budget and on time. A well organized team and extremely creative. Whether you are starting from nothing or a complete renovation, regardless of residential or commercial, they are an absolute delight and a pleasure to work with. I have worked with this team on several projects for the last few years and have never been happier."

Aadam Zaidi

"Passion and talent are the perfect ingredients to creative success. Drake+Khan Design has all in abundance. Would hire them again any day and refer them to anyone without a doubt."

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