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Updated: May 29, 2023

Best Practices for Maximizing Floor Plans in Multi-Residential Developments.

Multi-residential developments offer exciting prospects for buyers looking for luxurious and convenient living spaces. However, getting the most out of a new dwelling’s floor plan is essential. In this blog post, we’ll cover the best practices for maximizing floor plans for new multi-residential developments, providing developers with insightful advice and practical tips that will ensure they satisfy buyers’ needs and preferences.

Understanding the Floor Plan:

Floor plans are an essential aspect of home design, revealing a lot about the size, layout, and flow of space. Developers need to understand what they are attempting to achieve before starting the design process. Paramount is the need to create an aesthetically pleasing design, while also understanding the needs of the target audience. This will determine the end-users experience.

Creating a Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Layout:

Primarily, a space that provides for all possibilities while still maintaining a design that is timeless, is one that optimizes space, adequate storage, and an abundance/variety of light.

To us, the success of a multi-residential complex is a developer and design firm that have gone to great lengths to envision the lives of those who will one day occupy it. This means we need two of the most important things; storage and lighting! As floorplates are typically tight in these dwellings we strongly suggest using the vertical height in order to provide extra storage. Of course, lighting is an obvious given. No one wants to spend their days in a poorly lit space; consider large windows in most units especially where a balcony is not possible and the buyers will be more likely to call this space home.

Incorporating Specific Features:

Now, we’ve talked about general concepts; let's get down to the nitty-gritty pieces of what we’d like to see or not see in a multi-residential development. When we think of an ideal condo, we never forget the concept of a buyer’s individuality. Materials can offer a punch here and there, but remember, people (especially those coming into the market looking to buy) are searching for a space to individualize. Think neutral woods and or/tiles paired with a countertop that really sings, combinations are endless - but long-lasting spaces will always mix contrast and never be too radical with tones.

Another specific feature is a trend highly up for debate; open floor plans. We’ve seen many condos where walls have been incorporated in areas that don’t necessarily need the privacy, and in turn does not allow space for normal-sized furniture. For instance, where a kitchen comes to play, if the space has two counter surfaces, allow for one to be a floating island. Never close off such a feature, it will leave the unit looking smaller and more confined. Instead, situate the island or kitchen nearest an area that can easily accommodate a dining table, and living space with a couch designed for at least 2- 3 people; a true and ideal sequence.

Last but most certainly not least; amenities, amenities, amenities. Never forget the importance of communal environments; we encourage incorporating things like a gym, café, and even a doggie daycare; because even our furry friends need that sense of friendship and belonging when we are away!

Overall, it’s vital to the success of a development to understand the importance of how a considerate layout and its features can provide a heavily sought after environment; one buyers can’t possibly walk away from.

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