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Eco-Friendly is the New Luxury

Embracing Sustainable Design in Franchised Hotels

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Sustainability has become a large focus in designs across the world. Spanning a vast industry of practices, the embrace of green designs, especially in franchised hotels, has become common practice. With the rise of environmental awareness, it is important that hotels take such steps toward sustainability. Here are some key reasons why embracing sustainable design is essential for franchised hotels and how it benefits the environment and business.


1: What is sustainable design and how can it be implemented in franchised hotels:

Let's first talk about what defines "sustainability" in design. Sustainable design is the practice of designing buildings, interiors, and products that minimize negative impacts on the environment and human health while promoting positive social and economic outcomes.

In franchised hotels, sustainable design can be achieved by incorporating eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient lighting and appliances, low-flow taps and showers, locally sourced materials, and green roofs that promote biodiversity.

2. Examples of sustainable design features that can be implemented in hotel architecture and interiors:

Incorporating energy-efficient lighting and appliances can help reduce energy consumption and costs while creating a comfortable environment for guests. Low-flow taps and showers can conserve water while maintaining high levels of functionality. Using locally sourced materials can also reduce carbon emissions from transportation while supporting local businesses.

3.The benefits of embracing sustainable design to the environment and business:

By adopting sustainable design practices, franchised hotels can reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Moreover, socially conscious travelers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly accommodations and are willing to pay more for sustainable options. In fact, as cited in Embracing Sustainability in Franchised Hotels, 2023,'s report found 74% of travelers want companies to offer more sustainable travel choices. This means that hotels that embrace sustainable design can attract a new market segment and enhance their reputation as responsible corporate citizens.

4. Suggestions for franchises on how to transition to sustainable design:

In an effort to make the transition to sustainable design, franchises can partner with knowledgable design firms, sustainable vendors that provide eco-friendly products and services, and source locally to reduce transportation emissions. Additionally, they can create in-house programs to raise awareness among guests and encourage them to adopt environmentally friendly practices such as recycling and water conservation.


Stay suggestions for the eco-friendly traveller:

Now that we've talked about the "how" and the "why" of sustainable design in franchised hotels. Let's take a look at some of the world's most eco-friendly hotels.

1 Hotel, Toronto, Canada
  • The series of 1 Hotels has been referred to as a leader in the sustainable hospitality industry. Practicing solutions such as replacing single-use products with more sustainable alternatives, using key cards made up of recycled woods, removing straws across all their hotels, and so much more; the 1 Hotels are surely game changers in hotel design.

Taj Usha Kiran Palace, Gwalior, India
  • This eco-aware hotel chain has made major waves in the sustainability sector for many years. Heralded for cutting their carbon footprint, this sustainable brand powers their hotels through renewable energy sources. In fact, a total of 78 hotels under this brand have achieved the distinguished "Earth Check Certification".



In conclusion, embracing sustainable design is essential for the environment and the success of franchised hotels. By incorporating eco-friendly features into their architecture and interiors, hotels can reduce their ecological footprint while appealing to socially conscious travelers. It's time for franchised hotels to take a step towards sustainability and contribute towards a better future for all.

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