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The Benefits of Living in a Hotel: Embracing Long-Term Stays

Updated: Jun 24

When we think of hotels, we often envision short-term stays, vacations, or business trips. However, in recent years, hotels have increasingly catered to a different demographic: those seeking extended stays. This shift in the hospitality industry reflects changing lifestyles and preferences among travelers and residents alike. Let's explore the benefits of living in a hotel and why this trend towards long-term stays has gained momentum.

Why Choose to Live in a Hotel?

Convenience and Comfort

Hotels are designed to provide comfort and convenience, offering amenities and services that make daily life easier. From housekeeping and laundry services to on-site dining options and fitness facilities, hotels offer a hassle-free lifestyle where residents can focus on work or leisure without worrying about household chores.

Location and Accessibility

© The Drake Hotel, Toronto/ Diamond Schmitt Architects / Design Agency

Hotels are often in prime locations, offering easy access to business districts, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and transportation hubs. This makes them ideal for individuals who value proximity and convenience in their daily activities.

Flexibility and Freedom

Living in a hotel provides flexibility that traditional leases often cannot match. Residents can choose to stay for short or extended periods, with the option to extend or shorten their stay as needed. This flexibility particularly appeals to those who travel frequently for work or leisure and prefer not to commit to long-term leases.

Community and Social Opportunities

© Hotel Concept Design / Drake + Khan Design

Many hotels offering long-term stays create a sense of community among residents. Social events, networking opportunities, and communal spaces such as lounges or co-working areas encourage interaction and foster a supportive environment. This community aspect can be especially valuable for individuals new to a city or seeking to expand their social circle.

A Collaborative Approach

Investors and hoteliers can collaborate closely with Interior Designers to create hotel spaces that cater to the needs of extended stay guests by focusing on multi-functional and home-like amenities. Interior designers can incorporate features such as fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and ample storage solutions within rooms to provide a residential feel. Additionally, designing communal spaces like co-working areas, lounges, and fitness centers can enhance the guest experience. By ensuring that the design seamlessly integrates comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, hoteliers can attract and retain long-term guests, ultimately increasing occupancy rates and customer satisfaction.

The Rise of Long-Term Stay Packages

Hotels have recognized the growing demand for extended stays and have adapted their offerings accordingly. Here are three examples of hotels that excel in providing long-term stay packages:

Residence Inn by Marriott

Focus: Residence Inn is known for its spacious suites equipped with full kitchens, separate living and sleeping areas, and amenities that cater to extended stays.

Benefits: Guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast, evening socials, grocery delivery services, and access to fitness centers and outdoor spaces.

Locations: Residence Inn properties are available in major cities and suburban areas worldwide, providing flexibility and comfort for long-term guests.

Staybridge Suites by IHG

Focus: Staybridge Suites offers apartment-style accommodations designed for extended stays, featuring fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and amenities that cater to both leisure and business travelers.

Benefits: Guests can take advantage of complimentary breakfast, laundry facilities, a 24-hour business center, and a welcoming atmosphere conducive to longer stays.

Locations: Staybridge Suites properties are strategically located in urban centers, close to business districts and major attractions.

Citadines Apart'hotel

Focus: Citadines combines the comfort of a hotel with the flexibility of apartment living, offering serviced apartments with fully equipped kitchens and amenities for both short and extended stays.

Benefits: Guests benefit from housekeeping services, 24-hour reception, fitness facilities, and business services, providing a seamless experience for travelers and long-term residents.

Locations: Citadines properties are situated in key cities across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, catering to international travelers and expatriates seeking a home away from home.


Living in a hotel offers a unique blend of convenience, comfort, and flexibility that appeals to a diverse range of travelers and residents. Whether you're relocating for work, exploring a new city, or simply seeking a temporary home, hotels with long-term stay options provide a welcoming environment with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, hotels are increasingly embracing extended stays, making it easier than ever to experience the benefits of hotel living for an extended period.

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